Vice Chancellors

Vice Chancellors Task Distribution

1. Administrative and Financial Affairs
2. Directorate of Student Affairs
3. Faculty of Dentistry
4. Faculty of Islamic Sciences
5. Faculty of Forestry
6. Faculty of Health Sciences
7. Faculty of Medicine
8. Vocational School Coordinator 
9. Hasan Dogan School of Physical Education And Sports
10. Faculty of Health Sciences
11. Eflani Vocational School
12. Eskipazar Vocational School
13. Ovacik Sports Vocational School
14. Vocational School of Health Services
15. Yenice Vocational School
16. Child Development Application and Research Center
17. Experimental Medicine Res. and App. Center
18. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Application and Research Center
19. Traditional and Complementary Medical Practices and Research Center
20. Teaching Turkish and Rsc. Cen.
21. Karabuk University Distance Education Application and Research Center
22. Gifted Application and Research Center
23. Experimental Animals Local Ethics Committee
24. Traditional and Complementary Medicine Clinical Research Ethics Committee
25. Non-invasive Clinical Research Ethics Committee
26. Scientific Research and Publication Ethics Board in the Field of Health Sciences
27. Science and Incentive Award Commission
28. Psychosocial Counseling Coordinatorship
29. University Elective Courses Coordination Office
30. Academic Incentive Regulation, Supervision and Objection Commission
31. Collective Labor Agreements Commission
32. Evaluation Commission for Foreign Contracted Instructor Applications
33. Other duties assigned by the Rector

1. Directorate of Strategy Development
2. Directorate of Library and Documantation
3. Faculty of Letters
4. Faculty of Science
5. Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
6. Faculty of Business
7. Türker İnanoğlu Faculty of Communication
8. School of Foreign Languages
9. Vocational School of Justice
10. Safranbolu Sefik Yılmaz Dizdar Vocational School
11. Social Sciences Vocational School
12. Cengiz Aytmatov Turkish World Application and Research Center
13. Disabled Education Application and Research Center
14. Women's Studies Application and Research Center
15. History, Culture, Art Research Application and Research Center
16. Exam Center Coordination Office
17. YLSY Scholarship Program Coordinator
18. Quality Board Coordinator
19. University Publication Coordination Office
20. Ataturk's Principles and History of Revolution and Turkish Language Coordination
21. Qualty
22. Department of YDL
23. Scientific Research and Publication Ethics Board
24. Scientific Research and Publication Ethics Board in the Field of Social and Human Sciences
25. Legislation Commission
26. Education Commission
27. Housing Allocation Commission
28. Quality Commission
29. Bologna Coordination Process
30. Unit, Department and Program Opening Evaluation Commission
31. UAK Social Sciences Education Council
32. Other duties assigned by the Rector

1. Directorate of Information Technology
2. Directorate of Const. and Technical Works
3. Başak Cengiz Faculty of Architecture
4. Faculty of Engineering
5. Safranbolu State Conservatory
6. Safranbolu Fethi Toker Faculty of Fine Arts and Design
7. Safranbolu Faculty of Tourism
8. Faculty of Technical Education
9. Faculty of Technology
10.  Iron and Steel Institute
11. School of Civil Aviation
12. TOBB Tech. Sciences Vocational School
13. Postgraduate Education Institute
14. Technology Transfer Office
15. International Relations Office
16. International Students Office
17. Occupational Safety and Health Training Application and Research Center
18. Material Development Application and Research Center
19. Robot Technologies Application and Research Center
20. Continuing Education Application and Research Center
21. Materials Development Application and Research Center
22. Renewable Energy Engineering, Research and Applications Center
23. Career Application and Research Center
24. Technocity
25. Scientific Research and Publication Ethics Board in the Field of Science and Engineering Sciences
26. R&D Design and Innovation Projects Evaluation Commission
27. Scholarship Commission
28. Scientific Research Projects Automation Commission
29. Energy and Environmental Technologies Unit
30. Congress Coordination Unit
31. Personal Data Protection Law Commission
32. Other duties assigned by the Rector