Part-time Work

Aim, scope, basics and definitions
Aim and scope
ARTICLE 1- (1) This directory is prepared for regulating part time employment of the students in universities within the 2547. article of Higher Education Law.
ARTICLE 2- (1)
These methods and basics are prepared according to 46. Article of 254th  Law and 20th article of 5917th law.
ARTICLE 3- (1)
ARTICLE 4 – (1) Departments give their list for part time employment needs to SKS until end of September.
(2) This list is send to rectorship for approval.

ARTICLE 5 – (1) The announcements are made in the websites of the relevant department.
(2) The announcement gives information in detail about the job, duties, documents etc.
ARCITLE 6 – (1) The following students can be part time employers

  1. Students of the university except for special students and no-thesis program students.
  2. Students with no discipline punishments.
  3. Students who do not have a salary
  4. Students who have the necessary abilities and qualities for the specific job announced
  5. Student who did not freeze their semester or who are not foreign students
  6. Students who are in their supposed semester (those who do not prolong their year of education)

(2) Martyr and Veterans children are not required to meet the criteria above
Selection of Students and Approval
ARTICLE 7 – A commission evaluates the necessary conditions and sends the list to the rector for approval.
ATRICLE 8 – (1) A contact is made between the student and the rectorship
(2) The contract can be renewed if the student requests and the university approves.
Weekly, Monthly Work time, Administrative and Economic regulations
ARTICLE 9 – (1) The maximum work time for a part time student is 15 hours per week.
(2) The work time schedule is determined by the department officials.
(3) If needed by the department the part time student has to work on holidays and at nights where deparment’s normal worktime take place.
(4) Part time students are not considered as workers for the government institutions.
(5) The social rights of the part time students are regulated by the law 5510.
(6) The salary of the students per hour is determined by the university within the directory of 4857th law.
(7) The salaries are paid by the relevant departments.
Work definition and change
ARTILCE 10 –(1) The department defines the work and prepares the work schedule,  and lets the student know beforehand.
(2) The department officials can change the duties of the part time student. However, the part time students cannot be used in heavy works such as cleaning, carrying and such.
Attendance Obligaiton
ARTICLE 11 – The students has to be in their workplace at the exact time and periods. They cannot leave before these periods.
Behaviour, duties and responsibilities of the part time students
ARTICLE 12 – (1) Students cannot be in acts which will humiliate the relevant department.
(2) The students have to be respectful towards their colleagues and directors. They have to finish their duties on time and objectively.
(3) The students have to complete their duties as ordered by their directors.
(4) The students have to oblige with the office rules and regulations
(5) The students have to protect the government material and get ready to duties at all times.

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