Postgraduate International Students

Postgraduate Education at Karabuk University

Karabuk University graduate studies are carried out in the Graduate School of Science, Graduate School of Social Sciences and Graduate School of Health Sciences. The opportunities for international students to receive education in open programs at our institutes are facilitated by the management of our University. International students who wish to receive graduate education may apply to graduate programs by using the information on this page.

List of Programs Available at the Graduate Schools (Institutes) of Karabuk University

Computer Engineering Yes Yes
Electrical-Electronics Engineering Yes Yes
Mechanical Engineering Yes Yes
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Yes Yes
Industry Engineering (Joint Program with SU) Yes Yes
Environmental Engineering Yes No
Civil Engineering Yes No
Biomedical Engineering Yes No
Energy Systems Engineering Yes Yes
Manufacturing Engineering Yes Yes
Industrial Design Engineering Yes Yes
Mechatronics Engineering Yes No
Architecture Yes Yes
Forestry Industry Engineering Yes Yes
Chemistry Yes Yes
Physics Yes Yes
Mathematics Yes No
Waste Management Yes Yes
Sustainable Planning and Management of Natural Resources Yes No
Department of Anatomy Yes No
Department of Midwifery Yes No
Department of Nursing Science Yes No
Department of Child Development and Education Yes No
Department of Public Health Yes No
Department of Cardiovascular Surgery Perfusion Yes No
Department of Cardiovascular Surgery Perfusion (Without Thesis) Yes No
Department of Medical Biochemistry Yes No
History Yes Yes
Business Yes Yes
Geography Yes Yes
Basic Islamic Sciences Yes Yes
English Language and Literature Yes Yes
Public Administration Yes No
Turkish Language and Literature Yes No
Economics Yes No
Tourism Management Yes No
Interdisciplinary International Political Economy Yes No
Art History Yes No
Actuarial and Risk Management Yes No
Educational Sciences Yes No
Area Studies (Interdisciplinary) Yes No
Entrepreneurship Yes No
Banking and Finance Yes No
Social Work Yes No
Ethic Values (Interdisciplinary) Yes No
Business (Joint program with BEU) Yes No
Public Administration (joint program with SU) Yes No
Sociology (Joint program with SU) Yes No
Turkish Language and Literature (Joint program with SU) Yes No
Economics (Joint program with BEU) Yes No
Department of International Relations (Joint program with SU) Yes No
Basic Islamic Sciences (Joint program with SU) Yes No
Business Administration (Online Education) Yes
Public administration (Online Education) Yes
Entrepreneurship (Online Education) Yes
Health Facilities Management (Online Education) Yes

Terms of Application

International candidate students who graduated from undergraduate or postgraduate programs of universities and want to be educated at the postgraduate programs could complete their application processes by filling the online Institute Application Form or by handing in the application form to the Directorate of the Institutes on condition that they provide the documents stated below:

  1. The undergraduate or postgraduate certificate of graduation
  2. Certificate of language proficiency.

Applications for graduate education are open at any time of the of year. In case of the acceptance by the applied Department, a temporary registration certificate is given to the student. Students may apply for the visa with this certificate. If the tuition fee is paid and the course registration is done before the beginning of the upcoming first semester, the final registration process is carried out.
The candidates who will apply for graduate education can contact the Head of the Department or any faculty member, whom they want to work with, before they can apply.
Application Documents

  1. Copy of Diploma
  2. Copy of Transcript
  3. Copy of Passport or ID
  4. Fotograph
  5. Certificate of Recognition from the Higher Education Council of Turkey (YOK) for the recognition of the institutions which the student graduated.

When the above written items get ready please access to the Institute Application Page of the Karabuk University.

Institute Application Page

Evaluation and Student Acceptance

  • Quota application is not applied on the institutes under the auspices of Karabuk University in terms of student admissions, the quotas are determined according the view of the Head of the Department and with the Institute Directorate’s decision.
  • Applications are open throughout the year. However, final registration takes places in the registration period stated in the academic calendar every semester.
  • The needed files of those who apply for the postgraduate programs are requested after the Institute Directorate’s positive decision for the admission after the view of the Head of the Department is taken.
  • The candidates, who apply for being a postgraduate student by providing evidence which shows that he/she is given scholarship by The Republic of Turkey or their own government, are accepted to postgraduate programs as non-quota students within the agreed quota of the concerning Department for those candidates and by the decision of Institute Directorate’s decision.
  • The candidates, who apply for having postgraduate education depending on the bilateral agreements of which Karabuk University is a side, are accepted as non-quota students by the view of the Head of the concerning Department, the decision of Institute Directorate and by the approval of University Senate.
  • On occasions that are not exempted by bilateral agreements, candidates are required to pay the fee determined by the University Administrative Committee depending on the Council of Ministers’
  • Successful students who apply for the transfer are accepted with the proposal of the Institute Department and with the Board decision of the Institute.

Announcement of the Results and Final Registration

  • The results of the applications are announced via the concerning Institution’s webpage.
  • Registrations are made by the concerning Institution Student Affairs on the date announced via the concerning Institution’s webpage
  • The students who have the right for final registration are required to provide the documents below:
    1. A certified copy of the diploma or graduation certificate
    2. A certified copy of the transcript
    3. The application form and certified copies of the documents declared in the application form
    4. A certified copy of the student visa taken from Foreign Representative Office
    5. A certified copy of the passport
    6. A declaration of residence for education
    7. 3 photographs (taken in the last 6 months)
    8. A document which shows the education fee has been paid
    9. For the students who come via the state scholarship, an official document taken from concerning state institutions or from concerning countries’ embassies stating that their education fee is to be paid (For such students, item h is not required)

Application and Acceptance Flow Chart for Institutes
Amount of Tuition Fee
The tuition fee for all institutions is 1500-3000 US Dollar( depending on the agreement) per year and is taken in two installments.

Karabuk University 2018-2019 Education and Training Year’s Graduate Education Academic Calendar

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