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It is the highest support of Karabük public as well as the non-governmental and the governmental organizations in Karabük, which made it possible for Karabük University to reach its current position. As Karabük University, we are setting new goals thanks to this support. One of the main goals of Karabük University is to become a well-known brand in academic and scientific fields. It is vital to have high quality educational inputs in order to reach this goal. The most important educational input is the student. It can be easily suggested that having more hardworking and more successful students in our university will result in an immense academic improvement. Because of the fact that it has not been a very long time since it was founded, our university lacks of recognisability. As Karabük University Rectorate, we have started a publicity campaign consisting of several steps one of which is publicity via web sites. Advertisements and links on your organisation’s webpage redirecting our webpage has a significant importance. For this purpose, it is possible to create a link to our website ( using the sample banners below or your own banners designs. In order to contribute our university to become a well-known brand, let’s collaborate.


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Karabük University Publicity Visuals




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