Dear Students,

All teaching materials and video, audio, and video recordings created during distance education in accordance with the letter of the Council of Higher Education dated 19.03.2020 and numbered 75850160-199-E.22344 are “personal data” for our instructors within the scope of KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law) We would like to remind you that it was shared with you during the extraordinary process.

Digital data provided to you in this process should not be recorded using any device, shared on social media platforms, or put into circulation.

Apart from this, all activities that will occur will mean misuse and violation of the personal data of our faculty members within the scope of KVKK.

We would like to inform you that these violations have / may have serious sanctions.

If violations of KVKK rights are detected, we would like to emphasize that our university does not have any legal/criminal liability, that all responsibility will be on the person/persons who violated the KVKK, and this notification is of informational nature.

We firmly believe that our students will only use all digital materials offered to them during this process and will not use them in other environments.


Added Time: 8.10.2020 / 01:08
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